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Here I will prove that the Buckeyes are indeed superior to Penn State!

Let's compare the main elements of a football team:

  1. Offense:

  2. 2022 Team Stats Rushing Yards Passing Yards Avg Points Per Game
    Ohio State 2,501 3,878 44.2
    Penn State 2354 3283 35.8

    Clearly, the Buckeyes have a better offense.

  3. Defense
  4. This isn't even close. Line backer U has drafted just 9 defensive players in the first round over the last 23 years vs the Buckeyes who have had 22 over the same period.

  5. Special Teams
  6. Does PSU have special teams?

  7. Coaching
  8. James Franklin has only ever seen a 5 star recruit when he watches the Buckeyes practice squad. For the 2023 Class, PSU brought in six 4-star recruits compared with the Buckeyes 12!

  9. Tradition
  10. Dotting of the I is one of the greatest traditions of all time. What does Penn state do? "White out"?

  11. Bonus
  12. Clearly, Brutus is a better looking mascot. See exhibit A:


In conclusion, the better team is clear. Please choose the better team wisely:

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